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The one with the
three wings

patented rail structure

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the flight with the three wings


You like to play darts?

Then you must have already tried a few flights. But definitely not a Spot-On-Dart – the Flight with the three wings! Our product is unique: the shaft consists of a fixed element into which the individual flys are inserted. The flys are secured by a cap – gone are the days when your flight flew out the back.

Our Spot on Darts are characterized by their long life and low susceptibility to impact. The rail structure is patented and unique on the market!


As always - only better!

The Spot-On-Darts has the same weight as the common flights (1.8 grams) and is available in different colors. Its special design and the associated flight characteristics have already convinced professional players. Get your first Spot On Darts in our store.

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