What is Spot-on-Darts?

Spot-on-Darts is a German invention. It is a fixed shaft dart flight with only three wings (conventional flights have four wings). The product is unique and can be purchased only in our online store.


Questions & Answers

Counter question: Why not?

The special flight characteristics and the strong structure make the attraction of our product. The Spot-on-Darts has the same dimensions as “conventional” darts and the same weight, 55 grams. This makes it not only unique, but also ideal for competitions.

Its design. A Spot-on-Darts consists of a joint and a shaft into which the three (!) wings are inserted. The body is secured with a cap at the rear end. It is particularly durable due to the material used (plastic) and less susceptible to shocks and damage. A “bending” of the flight, as with conventional arrows, is only possible with effort. The cap at the rear end perfectly secures the individual wings. “Flying out of the socket” is no longer possible.

Very good! Our product has already been tested by some dart players and has completely convinced them. That was the moment when we were sure: Our Spot-on-Darts belongs on the market!

Our Spot-on-Darts is so far only exclusively available in our online store.

It is possible. To clarify the details we think a personal meeting is useful, please contact us:
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We sell in our store different compositions. In complete set are included three shafts, nine wings, three joints and three caps. So you can equip a complete deck of darts with one of our sets.

Of course, it is possible to create a custom set yourself to bring more colorful variance to your spot-on darts. Shafts, connectors and flights are needed for this. All products mentioned are available in our store (each in a set of 3).

Yes, individual wings can be replaced quite easily. Although our product has a long life – but maybe you want to equip your arrow with different colored wings. This can be done without further ado: simply pull off the cap at the rear end of the shaft. Then the wings can be pulled out and replaced.

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